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Black Leaders Awareness Day (BLAD) was created to enable people from all cultures to experience the wisdom of past, current, and next-generation leaders through the speeches, quotes, and videos they or others share.

​We believe that an Awareness Day for black leaders and those who support diverse leadership serves the purpose of ensuring that the history of black leaders, remains at the forefront of society so that we understand and acknowledge the impact these leaders had throughout history, right through to the present day and beyond.


Some leaders are household names, such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, James Baldwin, and Muhammad Ali who are often mentioned—and rightfully so, however, Black Leaders Awareness Day will also herald and showcase current black leaders and next-generation leaders annually on the 18th July


So whether black leaders are 10 years old or 100, Black Leaders Awareness Day will ensure that the world knows who they are. 


Martin Luther King Jr.

1st President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference

January 10, 1957 – April 4, 1968

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