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Black Leaders Awareness Day


Rene Germain is a Digital product manager, writer, and speaker. After graduating from Loughborough University in 2016, she has since gone on to work at leading financial services and technology organisations in a variety of roles. In 2020, she co-created the viral hashtag #blackintheoffice to enable Black British employees to anonymously share their experiences of racism and discrimination in UK workplaces, prompting apologies from well-known organisations and contributions from Black employees around the world. In May 2022, Coronet published her debut book, Black and Great: The Essential Workplace toolkit, billed as one of the first career guides to focus on the Black workplace experience, quickly becoming an Amazon best seller in the E-Business category. Rene regularly contributes to and drives online conversations about the Black workplace experience and has written for a number of online publications which include,, HuffPost UK, and Cosmopolitan UK. 

Twitter: @renecgerm

Book Instagram: blackandgreatbook

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